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Self Care is afoot with Andrea Lipomi


I am talking foot care with Andrea Lipomi! Andrea is a true triple threat! Not only is she an LMT, but she also a Licensed Esthetician AND a Licensed Nail Technician! Her practice Feetish Spa Parlor is located in Las Vegas.

I really appreciated Andrea’s openness in talking about her OCD, and helping me to better understand the condition.Later, we dive deep into a proper foot care routine, getting granular on nails, calluses, cuticles, and the tools and products you might consider to take better care of your feet.


Insta: @feetishspa

Conversation Rundown…

  • Andrea’s self care toolkit

  • Time management

  • OCD

  • Advising clients to be consistent with self care

  • Guys like pedicures too

  • Self massage with a ball or trigger point tool

  • How to trim your toenails

  • Addressing ingrown nails

  • Tools for nail care and foot care

  • Nail care frequency

  • Skin care for the foot

  • Callus removals on Youtube - Gross Out Warning!!!

  • Cuticle care

  • Level Up care with buffing and shinning

  • Selecting a Professional Nail Tech

The Foot Care Toolkit:

🔸 Full Disclosure: I may earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases associated with these links. 🔸

Lacrosse Balls for Massage -

Trigger Point Release Tool -

Cuticle Nippers -

Ingrown Nail File -

Toenail Clippers (Pro Style) -

Fingernail Clippers -

Callous Softener -

Foot File -

Nail File -

Elk River Soap Company -

Skin Stick -

Cuticle Pusher -

Nail Buffer -

High Speed Shiner -

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