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Practical Skin Care with Dr. Omar Qutub


Dr. Omar Qutub is a board certified dermatologist based in Portland, OR. He treats patients at his practice Dermatology By Design, where you can also find his custom skin care line. He joined me to talk about practical, every day skin care which is something I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I know very little about. Dr. Qutub shares the basics of effective skin care, and also offers up some ideas about how to level up!

Find Dr. Qutub: 🔎

Online -

Instagram - @dermatologybydesign

Here is rundown of our conversation + links:

  • Why skin? Why Dermatology?

  • How do you show up for yourself? What is in your current self care tool kit?

  • Building habits to better show up for yourself

  • Getting patients to take skin care seriously

  • How often to see a Dermatologist

  • Nutrition and your skin

  • Stress, anxiety, and your skin

  • Massage therapy sidebar

  • Practical skin care

  • Morning / Evening Routine

  • Mask-ne (Mask acne)

  • Exfoliation

  • Tanning (spoiler - it’s not good!)

  • Level Up Skin Care

  • Facial masks, toner, and retinoids

  • Laser hair reduction

  • ⬇️ Products Mentioned (affiliate links)⬇️

  • La Roche Posay for sunscreen

  • Eucerin

  • CeraVe moisturizers

  • Gold Bond moisturizers

  • Cetaphil Cleanser

  • Dermatology By Design Line


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