• Nicholas Peterka

Not Showing Up

I know all of the things that I should do.

I know all of the things that make me feel better, in basically every way. I even keep an evolving list of those things. I call it my Self Care Toolkit.

Here is some of it:

  • Daily mindfulness practice

  • Track calories and macros

  • Exercise every day

  • Drink 1/2 - 1 gallon of water daily

  • Mobility work - foam rolling and stretching

  • Reading & Writing

Oh, I had BIG plans for September. I was going to get after all of those things and more, all while continuing to save my massage therapy practice, launching The Self Care Mission website, writing posts for this newsletter, AND getting TSCM Podcast ready to go.

The only thing I have really been showing up for? 9 minutes of exercise. That’s it. And on some fronts, like nutrition, I seem to be actively working against myself by pretty much eating like a total asshole.

So…I focus on that one good thing. I am trying to see how fast I can row 2000 meters. This is largely because Hugh Jackman mentioned it on this podcast with Tim Ferriss. I figured if this was good enough for Wolverine, them it might be good for me too. HJ can do this in under 7 minutes. I started close at 9:42, but I’m down to 8:01.

I committed to rowing every day in September and I’m sticking to it.

Further exploration of why I am not showing up in other areas is required.

How do you show up? Or not? What is in your Toolkit?

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