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Burning The Wagon with Kelleigh Kincaid

I am so thrilled to welcome Kelleigh Kincaid as my first guest on The Self Care Mission! Kelleigh is a Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach, an herbalist, yoga teacher, and spiritual seeker. You can find her posting all sorts of inspiration to level up your health and wellness on Insta @kelleighkincaidwellness. And her site,, offers a lot of great articles and free resources.

If you know me, then you know I love a list. Bullet points = self care. 🙂 So here are some bullet points to give you an overview of our conversation.

  • Kelly’s take on self care

  • Her current toolkit

  • Breaking the cycle of not showing up

  • Masculine & Feminine energy

  • Burning the wagon

  • How she supports her coaching clients

  • My struggle to find a WHY

  • Kelleigh’s approach to Nutrition

  • The value of cutting out processed foods

  • Good/Better/Best Philosophy

  • The “F” it mindset

  • Tips to jumpstart a healthier relationship with food

  • Breathe work

  • Increasing vagal tone

  • Anxiety and poor food choices

  • Leveling up your health

  • Adaptogenic Herbs

  • Radical Responsibility

  • Joe Dispenza - Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

  • Byron Katie | The Work - Loving What Is

Please email me with your questions, ideas, feedback, topic suggestions, and especially guest recommendations.


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