I was born and raised in Ohio, the youngest of seven children. Was I spoiled? You betcha! But just the right amount.


I double majored in Theater and Spanish in college, which ought to have led to a fascinating and strange career in Telenovelas, but instead I waited tables. For like, a long time.


Fast forward quite a number of años, I was living in Portland and I became interested in massage therapy. And then I got married...for the second time.  We immediately started a family, and I soon found myself home a lot, warming milk bottles, and changing lots of diapers. And we used cloth diapers which is great for the environment, but also super nasty.  By the time our second arrived, I had placed my massage license into inactive status while I focused on the kids and assisted with marketing my spouse's business.


I am happy to say that my diaper changing days are behind me now. The boys are big enough to be in school full-time, so I decided to get back to work. Also, my spouse and I decided to not be married anymore in a surprisingly conscious, amicable way. Does that mean it has been all smooth sailing? Ummmm....nope!

I reactivated my license and came up with Massage Hodgepodge. I officially opened my practice in January of 2020, 

And then the world came apart. And that's what we are all living through right now. 


As you can imagine, being in a profession that relies so heavily on direct contact with other humans has been a challenge. This has left me feeling vulnerable to another shutdown, future pandemics, and…the sky falling? A zombie apocalypse?! Nothing would be too surprising at this point.

I have been producing a podcast for my massage therapy practice, but I frankly got a little burned out on talking about bodywork with other bodyworkers. I wanted to expand so that I could explore topics beyond massage and connect with other people who are also on a path to take better care of themselves.