The Self Care  Mission's Mission    

To show up. For me. And for you.


And for all of us.


To encourage you to show up. For you. And for Me.


And for all of us.

To provide accountability through community.

To take better care of the world by taking better care of ourselves.

To demonstrate through daily practice and experimentation the myriad ways in which we can all show up.

Who's Behind This Anyway?


I'm Nick. Just your average 41 year old, twice divorced, single dad and co-parent. I'm from Ohio. I am the youngest of seven kids. 

My hair was pretty much gone by the age of 22 and I'm super cool with it.

I drive a big red minivan. 

And I like it. 

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Portland, OR. In that role, I have observed a lot of people being really hard on themselves. 

I should drink more water...

I have to start exercising...

I know I feel better when I foam roll, but..

I just can't stick to anything...

My body is broken...

It might as well be me saying all of those things. And so much more. 

I have started and stopped my own health and wellness journey. 

So. Many. TImes.

I have tried. I have failed. Oh, how I have failed - remember those two divorces?

I've been on the wagon. I've been off the wagon.

But you know what?

F**k the wagon.

Why do we want to be on a wagon in the first place?


Get me on that Falcon 9 because this mission is blasting off. 

*cue inspirational music*

Okay. Now What?

So glad you asked! 

This is the very early days for TSCM, but many things are coming together. 

➡️ Newsletter! ✉️Subscribe HERE.  This is starting as a free weekly round up of my thoughts on self care. Expect short, actionable tips and ideas to get you in the right headspace to show up for yourself on the regular. A daily paid version is also in the works for those that could use more consistent encouragement.

➡️ Podcast! 🎧 I have begun recording and interviewing some amazing people. Expect a lot on self massage, foam rolling, and stretching from me. I'll be bringing on other experts to talk mindfulness, nutrition, skin care, hair care, and so much more!

➡️ Community! 🤝 A place to find others on a self care journey, refine your own toolkit, and get some accountability.